Saturday, August 25, 2012


Cotton On Mall of asia will finally open on Sept 7. Get a P500 discount for a minimum P1000 purchase from 10am to 10:30am

See you guys.... Happy shopping! 😘

Thursday, August 16, 2012


World renowned footballer David Beckham unveils a new campaign for H&M that showcase his well-received bodywear collection.Designed by the soccer star itself, It reflects beckham's personal style with a focus on quality, fit, function, comfort and design. 

Shot in Los Angeles by photographer Alasdair Mclellan, the black-and-white images reveal a number of undergarments that show off Beckham's physique as well as his affinity for body art.

The David Beckham bodywear is an exclusive, long-term collaboration with H&M with items that include boxer briefs, trunks,  briefs, trunks, woven briefs, undershirts, t-shirts, henleys and pajama bottoms ang long johns.

The entire collection can be purchased at worldwide stockist as well as online.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Just when you think you've got everything sorted in this menswear game, something comes along and throws a right old spanner in the works. choosing the right bag for your outfit are somethings confusing and intimidating, bags usually make or break your style.
They are plenty of options to choose from out there that come in a myriad of colors, materials and sizes all at varying price points. With to much to consider, sometimes we ended up bag-less or settling for something we didn't really want.

So without anymore of my babbling, here are five different types of bag that are both fool-proof and extremely suitable for any aspiring stylish gentlemen. 

1. The Duffel Bag/Holdall

 I call this "your bag to go." 
It can perform multiple functions on a daily basis while still retaining an element of style.
Ideal to gym goers, and perfect companion for weekenders who exclusively carry-on, its basically your portable wardrobe.

2. The Briefcase

A 90's fashion comeback - the dreaded briefcase! but no worries, a new bread has arrived. they are sleeker, slimmer, less boxy and now comes from different materials " not just leather."
It works in a environment the requires you to wear a suit, ideal for carrying laptops and a hand full of papers.

3. The Backpack

As we all know, fashion is about cycles, what goes around comes around and, right now, that is very true for the backpack. 
Hands free, minimal fuss and surprisingly capable of holding a fair amount of stuff. it's the ideal coice for a sartorial student, casual man or everyday bike rider.

4. The Tote

My personal favorite and the most underrated among the bunch. it's great because it can carry a huge amount of  things - ipad, camera, notebooks, magazine, and even spare shoe and shirt. - and all in what is essential a giant portable pocket! what's not to like about that? us guys do love stuffing thing into our pockets after all.

5. The Actual Luggage

Hopefully we all have this bag in some shape or form at the ready. but for regular usage it really is for the travelers who need to take more than just the bare minimum with them. 
fortunately, now there are hundreds of types out there, so it really is about finding the style the suits you.

So there you have it guys, five bags i think should be considered as a choice for each and every one of you there. and hopefully my list helps you find your own man bag.


Personally i love Frankie Morello Fall 2012-23 collection coz its right on my alley, the collection is divided into three parts: the stages through which the Frankie Morello man must pass in order to achieve liberty.

FIRST: is an expression of the attachment to material goods
SECOND: shows the human being beginning to feel the ugency  for change
THIRD: the lightness beacomes the lifestyle to be pursued and the abandoment of material things is realised.  
- in short being nude :p lol...

Backstage Frankie Morello Milan F/W 2012-13